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The board of directors and the school Principal will govern the school. In addition, an Advisory Board will be set up in order to:


● Facilitate parent and staff involvement


● Involve members of the community in planning the school’s future


● Streamline common Policy making at the school.


The Alpha School Advisory Board will be made up of parents, staff and members of the School Executive, invited to serve by the principal.


The Board, consisting of the school principal and major company executives, will be the central policy making group for Alpha School. It will be informed and advised by the school Advisory Board and by the executive standing committees for philosophy and vision, learning and teaching, achievement and progress, human resources and finance, in which the Principal and other officers pay close attention to the development of the whole organization in different specialized areas.


The Alpha School Governing Body


The key school body with responsibility for the functioning of the school in all its various aspects, including the academic, financial and legal requirements of the KHDA and of the school owner, will be the Governing Board. The Board will operate in accordance with the rules and expectations of KHDA and in accordance with the governing board structure adopted by UK.


“Governing bodies are the key strategic decisions making body in every school. It is their job to set the school’s strategic framework and ensure that it meets all of its statutory duties. This includes ensuring the school has a long-term strategic vision – including for the type of school that will offer them most opportunities. In the light of this vision, the governing body should agree the strategic priorities, aims and objectives for the school and sign off the policies, plans and targets for how to achieve them. They should check on progress and review regularly their strategic framework for the school in the light of that progress.” The School Inspection Handbook’ (UK Government, July 2013)


At The Alpha School we believe that a clear and robust system of accountability is vital to driving up the quality of, pupil performance and in raising standards of education in the school. As such its prime role is not only to act as the key strategic decision makers and vision setters but also a key part of the overall system for school accountability, ensuring that resources are used well to give every child the best possible education.


Role of the Governing body


● Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos, common policy making and give strategic direction.


● Holding the head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its students.


● Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.


The Alpha School Governing board will represent key personnel who not only have a stake in the school but also have a genuine interest in its success and well -being of the students. The members will hold office for a period of one year and comprise the owners of the school, elected teachers, parents, and members from the community. The board will oversee, and advise on, philosophy and vision, learning and teaching, achievement and progress, human resources and finance in which the Principal and his/her team pay close attention to the development of the whole organization in different specialized areas.


Empowered governing bodies need transparent data on the performance and finances of the schools they govern. One of the top priorities at The Alpha School will be to make available independent data to be, used by the governing body for this purpose.